SOLO’s Geo Medic course dates are now set for February 20- February 29, 2016. We’d love to have you join this year’s class if you have a minimum of a Basic EMT prerequisite.
If you are undecided about our Geo Medic offering, here is a great testimony from one student from our last course:


Have you ever imagined or pondered to yourself “how would I react to an extreme disaster situation, and how could I use my existing medical skills in such a setting?” or “What additional skillsets would I need to make myself an effective member of a medical team in a remote or disaster clinic setting?” I often did. Going through the numerous urban and military EMS educational routes and then even many Wilderness Medical courses still left me thinking there had to a missing piece to the puzzle of how to put it all together when it counts. I finally found the answer to this quest when SOLO introduced the Geo Medic course. Taking this training enabled me to learn and apply new essential remote care skills and to develop a greater understanding of an improvised clinic dynamic. If you ever wanted to learn how to set up a functional medical unit in any situation and how to run and organize such a unit, this is the course for you.

Military units, relief groups, individual volunteers, and providers; all will benefit tremendously from this course. And that is the key, when you take the course, you take it with others from a variety of backgrounds and that is exactly how it would be in the real world. You learn from each other and work together to enhance the strengths and reinforce all the new skills SOLO gives you.

If you want to take your preparatory skills and emergency medical knowledge to a new level, and combine that with developing group management and team building, then take the SOLO Geo Medic course. You will wake up every day excited about what new challenge you will conquer!

Brandon Munsell, WEMT/Paramedic



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Geo Medic™

Designed to provide unique skills to providers at or above the level of EMT dealing with challenging disaster situations or remote settings in developing countries.
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