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The Oldest Continuously Operating School of Wilderness Medicine in the World

Since 1976, with the opening of the SOLO campus, a facility dedicated to providing wilderness medicine education at all levels, SOLO has been the undisputed leader in wilderness medicine. Still privately owned by the same people who conceived the idea, designed the courses, and built a campus, SOLO now offers courses across the country and around the world.

Known for their innovative and motivational techniques, SOLO programs stay in the forefront of medical advancements in a large part because of the active involvement of SOLO’s founder Dr. Frank Hubbell on the NH Medical Control Board as well as SOLO”s ongoing participation in curriculum consensus groups. Despite the serious nature of the material, SOLO believes in the importance of humor and strives to create a safe, student-centered environment to enhance learning.

Lee Frizzell, Executive Director


SOLO Training Scenario

This short video will give you a feeling for what the wilderness medicine training at SOLO looks like and feels like. We make the hands-on mock scenarios as realistic as possible to best prepare our students for real-life emergencies.


SOLO’s Experiences Abroad

Take a glimpse into what our international instructors experience


SOLO Wilderness Medicine
Announces the publication of:


Working In Less than Desirable Conditions
And Remote Environments

The most authoritative, beautiful, comprehensive,
and up-to-date, wilderness medicine textbook ever created.

Written by industry pioneer Dr. Frank Hubbell

  • 330 pages, hard cover
  • Hundreds of photographs
  • Dozens of illustrations, graphs, and charts
  • It’s a teaching text and a reference book
  • 40 years of experience between two covers!

Available Now.

Learn More
Learn More

The Latest at SOLO

SOLO’s annual Geo Medic course open for 2016. Enroll now!

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Non-Traditional Learners in Wilderness Medicine

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Christmas at Northlands

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Many Thousands of Students Over the Years, Let’s See What Some Have To Say?

I started experiencing SOLO’s wonderful offerings as a student when I completed the WFA and WFR courses through the college. The level of instruction exceeded all of my expectations. Now as I work with them professionally to set up courses I am always impressed by the level of service I recieve. Every year I look forward to working with them because of their friendliness and prompt assistance – they make you feel like part of the family.
Kirsten Domas, Recreation & Intramural Coordinator, Paul Smith's College
If the course is 10 students or 30 plus the facilitators successfully incorporate the students to the SOLO world of medicine. Learning is integrated with both classroom and practical outdoor accident hands-on scenarios so that the student gains the maximum potential of the course. SOLO leads the industry in course breadth and new programs.
Gary Forish, AMC Noble View Volunteer Registrar
SOLO has trained hundreds of leaders for the Dartmouth Outing Club and our student leaders are always well-prepared for the challenges of leading their peers through the wilderness. We work closely with SOLO to tailor the trainings to our needs and they are always flexible and accommodating. It’s a pleasure to work with them and comforting to know that our students have been through their program
Rory Gawler, DOC Advisor

Our Family!

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Plastic Cards Now Available

PLASTIC-CARD-UPGRADE-OPTION-Full-PageSOLO has recently made a new card option available for anyone with a current Wilderness First Responder or Wilderness EMT certification. These cards are made of durable plastic that will allow you to take your card into the backcountry without having to worry about it ripping, getting water stained, or blowing away.

If you would like to upgrade your current certification to a plastic card, we have a form you can use to get-it-done!