Disaster Wilderness First Responder 2017-05-21T22:03:56+00:00

Disaster Wilderness First Responder (DWFR)

SOLO has redesigned their traditional WFR to include more information on Disaster Awareness, Preparation, and Survival. In addition, the latest updates on viruses like Ebola and Chikungunya will be part of the program.

The first day will be a full-day Professional CPR Provider session. Those who are already certified in any level of CPR from Heartsaver to Healthcare Provider do not have to attend the first day, and their tuition will be pro-rated.


Although the minimum age for this couse is 16, students wishing to take the Disaster Wilderness First Responder course at the SOLO home campus must be 18-years-old unless a parent will be staying in the dorm with them. There will be no lodging costs for the parent.


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